Brow Lift Plastic Surgery - By Sarah Killian

A brow lift cosmetic surgery procedure is designed to subtly lift the skin on the forehead and is often combined with the removal of the underlying muscle and tissue to remove wrinkles and promote a youthful appearance. During the procedure, the surgeon will lift drooping eyebrows, smooth loose skin, and reduce the incidence of facial lines as a result of the aging process.

There are two types of brow lift plastic surgery procedures: Coronal and Endoscopic. Both of these are carried out under general anesthetic.

Endoscopic brow lifts are the most common type and are performed using an endoscope. During the operation, the surgeon makes four small incisions in the hairline and lifts the forehead tissue from the bone to position it higher up. Excess skin and some facial tissue may be removed during the procedure. The incisions are closed with clips or stitches.

Coronal brow lifts are fairly uncommon, but in this procedure, an incision is made behind the hairline, across the top of the scalp. Sometimes a coronal incision is also used to lower the hairline as well as smooth the skin of the forehead.

After the operation, a dressing will be put in place over the forehead. Brow lifts usually require an overnight stay in hospital and the patient will be prescribed antibiotics to reduce the likelihood of infection. Initially, patients might experience some mild swelling and numbness, but this should not last long. Sometimes patients are advised to keep their head elevated for the first couple of days to reduce any potential swelling.

Bandages are normally removed after 2 days and the sutures after between 10 days and 2 weeks. Recovery times will vary, but most patients can expect to return to work around 2 weeks after a brow lift cosmetic surgery procedure. Strenuous activity should be avoided for at least 1 month.  

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