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Dr. Casas

Laurie A. Casas is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and a clinical associate professor, University of Chicago Pritzer School of Medicine, section of plastic surgery who is committed to excellence in Cosmetic Surgery. Plastic Surgery Chicago

Dr. DeBartolo

Dr. Hansel M. DeBartolo Jr. has over 25 years of experience in providing quality care to his patients. Botox Chicago

Breast Augmentation Chicago

The positive effects of having a breast augmentation is very well received by women. One of the more prominent is the increased confidence and self esteem. Women are reporting they feel more confident about their personal appearance and social image before other women and to the men. Generally, the size of the breasts is seen as a positive characteristic in women because they are an element to an attractive image in our society and an element of sexual attraction very striking to men.

Regardless of your goals for plastic surgery; it is important to consider every detail carefully when selecting both the style and shape of your breast implants, but your Chicago plastic surgeon as well. When choosing a plastic surgeon to perform your breast augmentation, be sure he treats you with a high level of professionalism, has experience with breast implant surgery, has a good reputation and has good comments from other patients who have had surgeries performed.

It is important to note that by not taking the necessary steps to finding the right plastic surgeon for you; a woman risks of falling into the hands of a surgeon with little experience and professionalism. The results could be disasterous and may include, but are not limited to a filling of low quality material in the breast, the potential rupture of the material internally, infections and other unwanted complications after surgery has been performed. Because of this risk, it is highly recommendable to investigate the chosen Chicago plastic surgeon and not be swayed by the low cost of the surgery. A surgeon quoting prices well below what is considered normal in your marketplace will need to make his money somewhere and usually will do so by using substandard implant material or surgical tools.

Starting the process for breast augmentation surgery is an excellent option for women who want to improve their body image and feel better about themselves. Taking the time to research your plastic surgeon, in addition to the types of implants you want are equally important for a long-lasting and successful result.

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