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Dr. Doohi Lee - Advanced Vein & Laser Centers

We live in a world where one's appearance is an important factor in all forms of social interactions as well as being a basis for self image and self esteem. As such, there are many new medications, techniques, procedures and skin-care products available today to take care of virtually every desire or need to enhance one's looks. While having an array of choices is good, it can also lead to confusion and difficulty in selecting the right type of procedure and products to meet your needs.

By informing you about the details of various options available, we hope to help you make wise decisions about your aesthetic needs.


As a team of dedicated professionals, focused on the needs and desires of our patients;

1. By having comprehensive understanding of technologies available and offered at our Centers for Aesthetic Medicine;

2. By learning new technologies as they become available to offer our patients the latest developments in Aesthetic Medicine;

3. By offering an individualized treatment plan to meet the unique needs of each patient;

4. By creating and innovating new techniques to further enhance the field of Aesthetic Medicine.

Please call us today for a free consultation.

Dr. Lee Doohi

Dr. Lee is Founder and Medical Director of Advanced Vein & Laser Centers. He is a Surgical Radiologist, with interests in combining the techniques of minimally invasive surgery with radiological imaging. During the past ten years of practice, he received a special invitation to be a part of the Medical Team at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games and has lectured nationally and internationally on Sports Imaging, Sports Ultrasound and Interventional Ultrasound. Recently, he was invited to be a part of the NASA team to teach astronauts the use of ultrasound in space while they were in the International Space Station.


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