Gynecomastia - By Sarah Killian

Gynecomastia is a Greek word which means “Woman” and “breast”. In simple terms, it translates to abnormally large breasts for men.

This condition is more prevalent in adolescent males, and most of the time the larger breasts dissipate on their own as the young male grows and puberty subsides. However, there remain a small percentage of young men whose larger breasts do not go away and they are subject to social stigmas that can cause shame and seclusion.

There are several factors, which the medical community attributes to this condition: puberty, steroid use, obesity or severe weight gain, tumors, medication side effects, aging, Klinefelter Syndrome and in some cases genetic disorders can play a role.

Gynecomastia can have very damaging emotional and psychological effects. A young man struggling with anxiety, embarrassment, shame and humiliation are very common. The simple act of taking his shirt off in front of others has been known to cause anxiety attacks and extreme fear as a result of taunting or feeling that he does not belong.

For those men whose larger breasts do not go away on their own, there are options. Male breast reduction, through surgery or liposuction (depending on the size of the breasts) can be an excellent way to create a “normal” look.

(Though it is also recommended that patient seek counseling to help deal with any emotional trauma and help prevent other issues such as “body dysmorphic disorder” from occurring)  

Disclaimer: The medical information provided in LookBella is, at best, general and can not replace the advice of a medical professional, a qualified doctor, physician or nurse.

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