Laser Hair Removal - By Dr. Laura E. Skellchock


With the advances in technology, if you have hair you want to get rid of, you're a good candidate! The BEST candidates are those with very fair skin, and coarse dark hair, because they will get the quickest and most complete responses, since we can use a high energy safely in these patients. The darker your skin type, the more careful we must be to make sure we get rid of the hair without causing any problems on your skin.


First of all, the area to be treated must be sun protected for at least 6 weeks beforehand, so that the melanocytes (pigment producing cells) are “turned off” so that there is minimal chance of getting post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (darkening) from the treatment.

It is best to shave the areas, since plucking and waxing will pull the hairs out, but not kill the root. Instead the hair follicles get damaged little bit by bit, so that the hairs that do grow again are usually smaller and lighter in color. Smaller, lighter hairs are more difficult to treat – so shave the areas instead – there is no way shaving can cause more hair to grow or make hair more coarse since shaving has nothing to do with the hair follicle where the hair is produced.


At Integrative Dermatology we do everything possible to decrease discomfort. If a small area is being treated, we can use topical numbing cream beforehand and ice afterwards. We also have the new Super Hair Removal method which is virtually pain free.


This is a difficult question to ask exactly since it depends on your hair, how dense it is, how coarse it is, the color of your skin, and your pain tolerance. Fortunately, INTEGRATIVE DERMATOLOGY has the most advanced hair laser available. With the Alma Soprano™XL, we can choose between two methods – the faster method (more traditional) which requires less treatments but may be a bit more uncomfortable, and the slower SHR (Super Hair Removal) method which might require a few more treatments but is virtually pain free. You and your practitioner will decide together what is best for you (most patients prefer the SHR mode). Basically, it can take anywhere from 4-8 treatments, with lighter, finer hair and darker skin requiring more treatments than darker, coarser hair on fair skin.


This depends on how large an area is being treated. Since it normally requires several treatments, we have packages available to discount the treatment cost compared to single treatments. A consultation is the best way to determine how many treatments you'll need and how much it will cost

Dr. Skellchock
Dr. Laura Skellchock

The goal of our practice is to help patients achieve healthier, more attractive skin possible. Dr. Skellchock combines each healing modality and technique available to give you radiant skin.

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