Mesotherapy Treatment - By Sarah Killian

Cellulite affects a large percentage of women, between 85% and 98% of women after puberty have some degree of cellulite. In many cases there is a huge problem, especially when the accumulation of fat in certain parts of the body are very noticeable. Although cellulite is not just a cosmetic problem, no doubt many women are particularly concerned about it.

Among the many treatments that are proposed to eliminate cellulite, mesotherapy, is a technique that has evolved into a proven treatment.  

The conventional mesotherapy is the infiltration of small amounts of drugs in the skin. Also done (and it is increasingly common) is the use of ultrasonic energy, electric impulses or pulsed light. Its implementation is simple, fast and with few contraindications. The results can be dramatic and does not cause adverse effects.  

Mesotherapy is becoming the most effective non-surgical treatment for cellulite. The treatment is usually applied once a week for six to eight weeks and then four to ten sessions or every month depending on the patient's progress. It is also possible that maintenance sessions are recommended for longer periods.

Due to the success of Mesotherapy for the treatment of cellulite, and since the same application is simple, many imitators and low-skilled professionals are dedicated to the practice of mesotherapy. But we must bear in mind that the secret of this success is the technology used and the quality of the products which they apply, so we must ensure that treatment is implemented in specialized clinics, and recognized professionals.

With some treatments (most in the case of strict diets) all the fat removed during treatment reappeared in a short time, returning to the same state in which we were at the beginning of treatment. This rebound effect does not occur in the case of cellulite treated properly, with mesotherapy.

But if our life habits remain the same that led us suffer from cellulite, poor diets, no physical activity, tobacco use, etc. In this case, cellulite may return.

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