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Dr. Cappiello brings to his patients experience, compassion, and skills with the added comfort that all procedures are performed by him in the privacy of his medical office. Breast Augmentation Palm Harbor

Breast Augmentation Palm Harbor

Breast augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure that is performed to enlarge as well as enhance the size of a woman's mammary glands with artificial implants. Although the main purpose of this procedure was to support women who have suffered injury, loss due to cancer, it is now very common for 'enhancing' one's body.

With the first Breast augmentation consultation in Palm Harbor, the patient may as well discuss the size of the breast implants with the surgeon. While the main purpose is to give the patient the desired result, the surgeon will be able to advise the patient on what may be best depending on health and expectations. As a result, the first visit will serve as a session of questions and answers and the patient should be fully informed about how their breast augmentation procedure will be performed as well as what to expect before, during and after the breast augmentation operation.

Breast Augmentation Palm Harbor

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